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Woven labels are an accessory used especially for the brand promotion of textile products.You can advertise your brand using woven labels. These labels have an important place in terms of the permanence of your brand.

Woven Labels UK

There are woven labels such as PES, satin, weft satin, emblem or logo.

PES is matte and has yarn jumps on the back. Satin, shiny and there are yarn jumps on the back. The weft is satin, shiny and there are no yarn jumps on the back, the text on the front can be seen from the back.

Woven fabric clothing Label price is affected by its materials, dimensions, colors, quantity and technics

Materials; Cotton, polyester, Taffeta, nylon, ribbon, satin, silver lurex grosgrain like yarn 50D,75D,100D,150D, damask, gold lurex

Cut ways; laser cut, heat cut, ultrasonic cut, cold cut

Fold types; Center Fold, End fold, Rolling, Miter Fold, Cut and Fold Special, Comfort Fold, Manhattan Fold, Single Side Fold.

Backing; tape, paper backing, plain, self adhesive tape, iron on labels

Example Woven Label clothing product labels; name labels, logo clothing labels, brand labels, stock labels etc ...

Is satin woven label or damask woven label better quality?

In general, customers find it difficult to choose between these two types. In the question they ask; What is the difference between satin woven label and damask woven label? Which clothing tag is better quality? Because they do not know much about this subject. We are obliged to show you the right way according to the label design. In a simple example below, we tried to explain to you what is the difference between satin woven label and damask woven label.

If your texts on woven label design are thin, we recommend damask woven label for high density. Because the threads of satin woven labels are thicker.

What's in our service labels for clothing

Free Artwork, Pre-Production Photo Sample

Production Time; Maximum 7 days, not depend on order quantity

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

7/24 hours customer support

How to buy custom woven labels from world label shop?

Custom Woven Clothing Labels in UK , World Label Shop

Contact customer service by whatsapp or email.

Design independent; Tell the width, height and order quantity and find out the price.

If your design is ready, let us know.If not, we will make a professional look design your own label.

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Information about care symbols for garment label in apparel industry.

If you want to order or get information from the above products, please contact us.

Woven Labels Samples, Clothing Tags Uk

damask woven labels for clothing tags in uk
satin woven labels in uk
woven labels, world label shop in uk
 silver metallic woven labels for clothing labels in uk

what you see above are woven labels previously printed.

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